Level 3 Unit 2 Lesson03: Your Opinion Matters

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify and use nouns formed with the simple form of the verb + ing.
  • Express your opinion or your knowledge through subordinate clauses of the type «I don’t know if…».

There are many expressions we use in English to share our different opinions or to talk about what we know. Here are some of those expressions. Notice how we use the gerund for the second part of sentences in these examples. Practice creating similar conversations with another person using these expressions.

You use a verb + -ing to form gerunds, but their function is different. Gerunds function as nouns and can be the subject of a sentence.

The word ‘swim’ is a verb. ‘Swimming’ is a verb with an -ing ending that functions as a noun. For example:

Swimming is a wonderful exercise.

‘Swimming’ is a noun, and it is the subject of the sentence.