Level 4 Unit 1: Quiz & Projects

Typical Handicrafts

Do some research about typical handicrafts, textiles or sweets made in your region or community. Prepare a presentation and explain to the rest of the class where they are produced; how they are made; where they are sold, etc.

A Moral Dilemma

Work with two or three of your classmates.

Present a moral dilemma to the rest of the class and conduct a discussion about what the best course of action would be. Remember to discuss it first within your small group and, if possible, have a conclusion that works for most of you.

Here’s an example for you:

You have seen a man rob a bank, but then, he did something completely unusual and unexpected with the money. He donated it to an orphanage that was poor and didn’t have proper food, care, water and amenities. The sum of money would be a great benefit to the orphanage, and the children’s lives would turn from poor to prosperous. Would you:

a: Call the police and report the robber, even though they would likely take the money away from the orphanage, or
b: Do nothing and leave the robber and the orphans alone?