Lesson Progress:

Level 1 Unit 1 Lesson05: Nice to Meet You!

Al término de esta sesión, los estudiantes podrán:

  • Usar el verbo to be en oraciones afirmativas, interrogativas y negativas con I, you (singular y plural) we, they.
  • Identificar algunos plurales irregulares como man – men, woman – women, person – people), child – children.
  • Presentarse a sí mismo y a los demás y dar información personal.

This is Peter. He is my friend.

Hi, I’m Michael. I’m a student.

  • Llenar un formulario con sus datos personales.

1. Watch the video and listen carefully: L1U1L5 How to form and use the verb TO BE

2. Download the exercise, read and fill the blanks: L1U1L5 To be exercise

3. Solve the following online exercises: L1U1L5 Online TO BE exercise

L1U1L5 Online TO BE exercise 2

4. Watch the video, listen carefully to the examples and practice: L1U1L5 Verb to be video

Disclaimer: Yesalinglés does not claim ownership of these videos. No copyright or infringement is intended. It’s used  under creative commons permission.

5. Click, learn and practice: L1U1L5 Special plural exercise