Lesson Progress:

Level 1 Unit 1 Lesson03: The Classroom

Al término de esta sesión, los estudiantes podrán:

  • Identificar y nombrar algunos objetos del salón de clases usando los artículos indefinidos a/an usando el verbo to be.

This is a book.

This is an eraser.

  • Identificar los colores y emplearlos para describir los objetos del salón de clases usando el artículo definido the.

The book is blue.

  • Identificar adjetivos calificativos básicos como big, small, long, short, nice, usarlos para describir los objetos de la clase.

The pen is short.

  • Preguntar y responder a What’s this/that?

Contestar con It’s a/an…

1. Study the new vocabulary: L1U1L3 New vocabulary

Then practice the pronunciation of the classroom objects: L1U1L3 Pronunciation Video

2. Watch the video and practice: L1U1L3 Classroom Objects

3. Solve the following online exercise: L1U1L3 School things

4. Download the exercise for additional writing practice: L1U1L3 School things exercise

Disclaimer: Yesalinglés does not claim ownership of these videos. No copyright or infringement is intended. It’s used  under creative commons permission.

5. Download the exercises about “a or an” and “this or that”: 

L1U1L3 Whats this or that exercise

L1U1L3 A or an exercise