Level 2 Unit 1 Lesson04: The Greatest Inventions of All Time

Al término de esta sesión, los estudiantes podrán:

  • Emplear la forma superlativa the most/least… + adjetivo

con los adjetivos más comunes para hablar de objetos, personas, tecnología y actividades. Ejemplos:

Einstein is one of the most famous scientists of the 20th century.

Soccer is the least interesting sport for me.


The Ten Greatest Inventions of all Time

According to the website bigthink the ten greatest inventions of all time are:

1. Fire

2. Wheel

3. Nail

4. Optical lenses

5. Compass

6. Paper

7. Gunpowder

8. Printing press

9. Light bulb

10. Steam engine

Do you agree?  Are there other inventions you think are more important than these, or as important as these?

Write a composition about the greatest inventions of all time, in your opinion, and upload it here. Then, share it with your teacher and classmates.